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My Travel Bucket List | Transun

Now I don't know about you but I for one definitely have a bucket list as long as my arm of things I want to do and places I want to visit in my lifetime. With that in mind, Transun are offering one lucky winner (and a friend) the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to see the Northern Lights within the Arctic Circle. More information can be found here

Now when it comes to places I'd like to visit there are several that are high up the list and I dream of someday being lucky enough to visit them all. I have however, narrowed it down to the top three places I'd like to visit the most and I thought I'd throw in an outfit choice for each just in case you yourself are planning on going! So let's get right to it...

Nashville, Tennessee - USA
Ever since I can remember I've been a huge fan of country music, listening to the likes of Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood over the latest pop star anyway. So of course one of the top destinations I'd love to visit is the home of Country music, Nashville! I'd love to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum and the Grand Ole Opry with the off chance there's a live performance going on! And in true American style, there's the food. Burgers, fries, ribs, milkshakes, basically everything I love rolled into one place. I've also never had the chance to visit any southern states and Nashville is definitely the one I'd love to visit most if I ever got the chance, especially to hear the good ol' southern 'Y'all' from the locals and to take in the country music-living way of life for even a short time.

What I'd Wear (Nashville):


Northern Lights - Arctic Circle

A travel bucket list wouldn't really be complete without the Northern Lights would it? Seeing the Northern Lights alone is something I've always wanted to do as it looks like a spectacular sight. I also love the idea of being able to spend time in the snow as I love wrapping up in lots of layers and just being able to enjoy the frosty weather. I'd also love to go on a husky sleigh ride as it looks so much fun and is definitely a bucket list-worthy experience, along with seeing a reindeer in it's natural habitat as apposed to on a Christmas market in the UK! The Northern Lights definitely makes it into my top three destinations, no question.

What I'd Wear (Northern Lights):
jacket | jumper | jeansbag | boots | hat | gloves


Animal Safari - Africa
I think this is on many peoples bucket lists but going on a true African safari would be a dream. I absolutely love animals so seeing them right in front of me and not in a cage would be great. Also, the African lands look like a sight I would love to see. Fun 'Emma fact', my favourite animal is a hippo and getting the chance to see one in their natural environment (from a distance of course!) would be something I wouldn't ever forget. I have no idea why I like hippos so much but I have since school and I won't rest until I see one! And of course seeing an African sunset is something I have wanted to do for the longest time. The colours look beautiful and I think it would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience! 

What I'd Wear (Africa Safari):

top | trousers | bag | boots | sunglasses

So there you have it, the three travel destinations that are top of my bucket list! I hope someday to even tick just one of these off but for now, I can keep dreaming. I also found it super difficult to narrow it down to just three as the list is endless with places like Los Angeles, Texas, Fiji, Rome and Dubai being up there. As mentioned, you can find out more about the competition here and don't forget to let me know below which travel destinations you would like to go to most! I'm keeping everything crossed for this competition as it would literally be a dream to win! 

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