Saturday, 18 April 2015

Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz & Christina Aguilera

This week has most definitely been the week of TV, books and music! Normally I'm not one to combine all three in as much excess but it seems this week has been one for the record! So here's a round up of my favourites...

First up is an added and completely unrelated to entertainment and that is Orelia jewellery. This is a brand that I was aware of for a while but I'd never seen their pieces in person to really comment. This weekly however, they kindly sent me a couple of pieces to style up (here) and I chose the infinity sign and the amazing 'California' script necklaces as I felt both of these fit my style best. Since receiving them on Monday I've worn them so much already, the quality is great and the fact they are so dainty means they aren't too obtrusive to an outfit if you're trying to achieve a simple look. I'd highly recommend checking them out! 

Christina Aguilera has been a singer, that probably like a lot of people, I used to listen to until she became less current/active in the music world. I loved her appearance in the film Burlesque and that definitely goes down as one of my favourite films, despite its somewhat mixed reviews. Then this week she appeared on one of my favourite TV shows, Nashville, and it showed me just how much I used to love her voice (and her newly found pink hair)! I added her latest album, Lotus, to my iTunes and have been listening to it non-stop since. 

This week I started a spontaneous health kick, cutting down on my food and doing some daily exercise. I rediscovered the Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz after giving up on it past way through my first attempt back in January! It's actually a really great workout and the three minute sets really do give you a solid workout. I've only managed to get to level four (of 12) currently but I'm working my way up and so far, I'm really enjoying it! The DVD also includes an added abs section, which I've tried a few times, and a healthy eating plan to keep you on track.

When it comes to reading, I'm definitely an on-again, off-again type of reader. I have several books on stand by ready to read but I just never seem to put the time aside to do it! This week though I started to read The Goldfinch and I definitely plan on reviewing it when I'm finished as it was one of the biggest reading surprises for me and not one I thought I'd enjoy! It's definitely different but so far the story is a real page turner.

Last up is the TV series, Sensitive Skin. Now this is by no means a new show but it's new for me and one that I have wanted to watch since it aired! If you are British or watch British shows you may be thinking about the very old series with the same name but the one I'm talking about is actually the Canadian version starring Kim Cattrall. She is one of my all-time favourite actresses after watching her play Samantha in the Sex and the City series/films so I just had to watch this too and her character almost reminds me of a less fabulously dressed Samantha. The show is basically about a middle-aged woman and her day-to-day struggles. I'm terrible at describing shows so just give it a watch, trust me it's a good half-hour comedy/drama. 

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