Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Kylie Jenner Lip & My New Lace Up Loves

Welcome to my new Saturday series. As of late weekends have been my 'days off' from blogging but I've come to realise that I really need to keep my content consistent and so everyday Saturday there will be sort of a round-up post featuring the best of fashion, beauty, televsion/films and everything in between that I've discovered that week. So I might be discussing a new tv series discovery (hint hint) or a new beauty release or even just something that is new to me, that have seen my clicking away on my keyboard all week.

The Kylie Jenner Lip. After months of trawling through various blogs and google pages, I finally found the exact product Kylie Jenner uses to achieve her enviable lips. Two words. Lip liner. MAC 'Soar'. Now I know I'm definitely late with this discovery but I feel like it's a breakthrough for my beauty regime and obviously I'm not expecting lips like Kylie's but something pretty close will do me just fine. *makes MAC order*

Lavish Alice. How have I never been on this site before this week?! I'm clearly too 'mainstream' with my daily Topshop and ASOS trawls to even bother looking further afield to find the beauty that is tailored capes and a khaki/monochrome palette.

Candidly Nicole by Nicole Richie. I've been and on again/off again fan of Nicole Richie since her earlier days and I was a big fan of her book The Truth About Diamonds released back in 2006. It wasn't really until seeing her newly coloured blue - and now pink - hair (major hair envy) and stumbling across her tv show, Candidly Nicole, before I proceeded to make my way through the entire first and second season in a day, procrastination much?

Brow Drama. Before this week, my eyebrows were that part of my face I always just left to do their own thing as I felt no need to mess with them. That is until I started to notice the odd unruly hair and in a desperate attempt to avoid threading/waxing for fear of coming out with no brows (over dramatic I know!), I took a trip to Boots and found Maybelline's Brow Drama. This brow gel has been my saviour and despite me picking up 'medium brown', it really doesn't add any colour to my brows, which I like, it just tames them and sets them in place for the whole day. Review coming soon!

Lace Up Flats. I saw these shoes on my instagram feed several times over the past few weeks and finally found them on ASOS in my size. They arrived and they look even nicer in person and are surprisingly comfy considering the lace up and pointed toe. They are apparently a near exact dupe of the Aquazzurra Christy flats that are an eye watering £478, while I picked up these New Look beauts for a mer £20.

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