Thursday, 19 March 2015

Camel Blanket Scarf

While my usual colour palette of monochrome black and white is well and truly in my comfort zone, I'm really trying to embrace colour, especially when it comes to jeans. I reignited my love for these mom-style jeans in last weeks outfit and here they are once again making an appearance, despite this one still centring around my favourite clothing colour. Black.

H&M top, jeans and gilet, ASOS scarf, TOPSHOP shoes, MULBERRY bag, MICHAEL KORS watch

This outfit is rather optimistic in the current UK weather, I think a few more layers would be needed if I actually were to wear this anywhere else but to the local shops. That being said, it is March now and spring is well on its way so these types of outfits, for me, make perfect transitional looks and this huge blanket scarf is a great accessory that can be used to add a little more warmth if needed.

I threw on my trusted old H&M gilet, a pair of flats (these are actually too big for me but hopefully you'd never have guessed that!) and my go-to 'posh' bag, the Mulberry Maisie Clipper and I'd say this is definitely a great weekend outfit. 

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