Friday, 9 January 2015

2015 Wishlist | Designer Dreaming

If by the end of 2015 I have all of these items in my possession then I'll be one happy chappy. Now that is pretty doubtful though but one can dream, and save, and the dream some more!

Out of both of the bags (because I doubt I'll get both this year) I have my heart set of the black with silver hardware Givenchy Antigona, every time I see this bag in Selfridges my love for it grows more and more and one day it will be mine, I have the whole year after all so if I can save in a whole year then when can I?! I've also had my eye on these Frends headphones for well over a year now and although I don't really need them as I have a perfectly good pair of Sony headphones but they just look so luxurious and would match my new gold iPhone, if you want terrible ways to justify purchases then head my way, plenty more where that came from!

I also have my eye on these Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood bracelets as I'm always looking to expand my 'daily bracelets' collection. I tend to stick to silver on a daily basis with the occasional bit of rose gold thrown in, so my selections reflect that and the same goes for the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case I've found in a silver foil effect.

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  1. Ahh those headphone are stunning, I'm normally an in-ear kind of girl but I could be turned for a pair of these hehe.
    xxx Claire


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