Monday, 18 August 2014

Reading List #1

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an avid reader in the literature sense. I like to read books but it usually takes me several weeks (or months) to finish one, so in-between I like to read various other mediums like blogs, new websites and of course, magazines. I thought I'd start this little series, which could sort of go along with my monthly favourites posts/videos but instead of including beauty and fashion pieces I've been loving, it will include all the things I've been reading that month - or couple of months. Enjoy!

Magazine | Elle
This one is a bit of a given as I'm an avid Elle reader and have been for years now but this month in particular I thoroughly enjoyed reading both Cheryl Cole and Jason Wu's interviews - I've never been a Cheryl fan really but it showed her in a completely different light. Sadly my subscription ran out last month (hence the sudden non-subscriber covers) but I quickly renewed it without any hesitation.

Book | Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy
I'll start by saying that I've never actually read the original Bridget Jones' Diary so I was coming into this was blind. I have to say though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a real light-hearted, easy read. It is quintessentially British and it even make me laugh out loud a few times.

Website | A Little Opulent
When you put two bloggers with great photography and written word together you get A Little Opulent. An online magazine with posts ranging from fashion and beauty to entertainment, art and lifestyle. All of the posts are accompanied by Pinterest-worthy photography and illustrations - it's a relatively new website but it's been one of my favourites to read.

Blog | Charissa Rae
Charissa's blog has been up there in my favourites for a while now so I thought it was definitely worth a mention. She has such great photography, great style and she makes me want to buy everything featured on her blog. It's basically a mix of her everyday outfits with a few beauty and lifestyle posts thrown in there for good measure.

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