Monday, 28 July 2014

Feeling Parisian

The French have such a classic sense of style; so effortlessly chic, worn perfectly by the likes of Clemence Poesey and Alexa Chung (despite her British roots). I have always loved he simplicity of French, in particular Parisian style and so on my trip to Paris last weekend (posts to come soon) I really got a feel for the fashion and beauty worn by Parisians. 

A uniform of monochrome or the classic sailor stripes seems a very obvious choice and one that I can most relate to in my own personal style. Plain tees paired with black skinny jeans and boots is so simple but it just seems to work in France. As for make-up, I noticed women walking round with barefacee, glowing skin keeping it au naturel while still managing to look great. Those who do wear make-up wore a red lip and winged eyeliner, oft not at the same time and again with bare skin. It's all about the no make-up, make-up look. 

Et voilà, a look into how I saw Parisian fashion and beauty. Très chic! 

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