Monday, 11 November 2013

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Victoria's Secret has finally, well and truly landed in the UK in several locations, so no need to fly across a sea any more (not that I ever did anyway)! My favourite things from VS are definitely the scents, I already own a perfume and have my eye on a few more but decided on my trip to the Trafford Centre store a couple of weeks ago that I'd pick up a few of the fragrance mists. I chose Vanilla Lace, Sensual Blush, Strawberries & Champagne and Mango Temptation after spending absolutely ages spritzing the different scents from all the different ranges. 

Vanilla lace is your typical vanilla, musky scent which I love to wear all the time no matter what my mood. Sensual Blush is a stronger, more evening scent for me though could be used during the day sparingly. Strawberries & Champagne is my favourite as it just smells so sweet and feminine. I'd say the freshest of all the mists I have is Mango Temptation, it's super fruity and super fresh, perfect for just after a shower or at the start of the day. I bought all four as part of a five for £30 offer (my mum got the fifth) as apposed to the usual price of £11 each which is steep if you ask me. They came packaged in the usual pretty striped bag and matching tissue paper; does anyone else get really excited about the bags? I know I definitely do! 
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