Thursday, 11 July 2013

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On Saturday I took a trip to London to meet a friend and to do a spot of Oxford Street shopping. I haven't bought any clothes in a long while so it was nice to finally find a few pieces that I loved as I really needed wanted some 'basic' tops. I found the two white tops in Topshop and instantly fell in love with both; especially the daisy print as the fit is just perfectly over-sized and slouchy without looking like a sack. The other two tops I bought are both from H&M, the green is a basic tee with embellished sleeves that make it a little more interesting and the grey top was a rather unusual buy for me, I was just really attracted to the Star Wars print and the lightweight material. Accessory-wise I spotted these two necklaces in the Topshop sale and knew they had to be mine; I love the neon pendant with the rose gold chain, so unusual. 

Probably the best part of my day was finally visiting the Victoria's Secret store on Bond Street. I have been wanting to go for so long now but London is far away from where I live and this was the first opportunity I've had; it was totally worth the wait though! I knew I couldn't leave without buying something and the minute I smelt this fragrance I knew I needed it in my collection so I quickly rushed to buy it before the realisation came over me that I don't actually need any more perfumes! Review to come soon. 

I had a really great time in London, it was such a long and tiring day but it was worth it to come away with these great buys. I'd love to know what you've been buying lately...
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  1. I did exactly the same, went to oxford street on Saturday for retail therapy! Topshops has some amaaaaazing bits in at the moment! xo

    1. ahhh snap! Yes it really does...I resisted the temptation to buy anything else!

  2. Would love to get Bombshell, can't wait for the review :) x

    1. Review will definitely be going up soon, it's such a lovely scent!


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