Wednesday, 26 June 2013

purchases | zara shopper with braided handles

Zara Shopper with braided handles here

Handbags are actually my weakness and this past week I seem to have given into this weakness a lot (four times to be precise). I saw this Zara shopper on the website a few weeks ago but found myself undecided after not being too keen on the brown-ish colour. I then saw a few people blog about it and saw that it was in fact nude and not brown and so I stayed up until midnight one night last week and ordered it in the sale! I love the size and the pinkish/nude colour of this bag and I also love the whole look with the braided handles and Celine-esque side panels. This bag is perfect for spring/summer and I can see this becoming a real favourite of mine, Zara is on point at the moment with their handbags!


  1. What a Lovely Bag, I Love the colour.
    I have to agree with you Zara are defo on point with their handbags.. Great buy. x
    Claudia xx

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    1. I actually saw this one today at Zara website and saw they are having sale. I wasn't sure about getting it since It only had stock photos but that's only before until I saw your post! Looks so pretty! I am heading over to their website now! :-)Thank you xx

      Grace | Grace of Beauty

    2. Yes I know what you mean, the colour looks really brown and not great on the website, it's a much nicer looking bag in person!


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