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Worldwide Wardrobe Competition | Travelsupermarket

A few weeks ago I came across Travel Supermarket's Worldwide Wardrobe Competition where the aim is to put together five outfits for five different destinations, all under £200 each. I love the idea of this competition and it's definitely something I have enjoyed putting together! And the most exciting part about this competition; a winner will be chosen from each destination category to win a holiday and £200 to spend on their chosen look! How amazing is that?! 

The destinations are: Shopping in London, Cocktails in New York, Sightseeing in Paris, Clubbing in Ibiza and Partying at a Full Moon Party in Tailand. 

Now of course you can choose whether you want to put together all five looks or you can simply choose one or two; the only rules are that each look has to be under £200 and you must nominate five other bloggers who you think would love to take part. Full details of the competition can be found here

shirt | jacket | jeans | bag | boots

Shopping in London is something I'm most familiar, even though I've only been a few times, I love shopping and I live in the UK so its basically just what I wear on an everyday basis! I chose a pair of black skinny Leigh jeans from Topshop as these happen to be personal favourites of mine but also, black goes with everything so they are perfect. I paired the jeans with a pair of cut out boots; I think ankle boots are essential, they are super comfy and perfect for walking round shopping. 

I think by now you may have noticed that my London look is completely monochrome and that's because I adore this trend and tend to wear black almost everyday anyway so it's perfect for London weather and its on trend! To finish off the look I chose a sheer shirt because I loved the two different patterns as well as the collar detailing, paired with a leather jacket which should be a wardrobe staple for everyone and a Zara shopper that is big enough to carry your essentials but not too huge that it'll weigh you down while shopping! 

dress | coat | shoes | clutch | bracelet

Cocktails in New York instantly reminds me of Sex and the City, the glamour, the simplicity and the big apple. For my New York look I chose a simple black skater-style dress which I would pair with these black flatforms from Topshop. I think being in New York you need some sort of a heeled shoe but for me personally, I'm tall enough, so opting for a flatform is the perfect alternative and these have that added detail of the ankle strap which is a nice touch. 

As the dress is super simple I thought pairing it with this bold zebra print Zara coat would be perfect - I love that it has no collar! - and then to add a pop of colour (cannot believe I just used that phrase) I went with a neon clutch that is perfect for New York as it's a real stand-out piece. Finally, I would keep jewellery to a minimum with just this dainty,  silver spiked bracelet. 

shirt | jumper | jeans | shoes | bag | sunglasses

When I think of Sightseeing in Paris I immediately think of trends and super-stylish people but with sightseeing, comfort is a must! For this outfit I used the new Topshop 'mom' jeans as a basis which with the turned up ankles would look almost preppy paired with a pair of loafers, very Parisian in my opinion! For the top I went with an orange spotty shirt and a basic black jumper to break up and take away slightly from the overpowering colour of the shirt. 

I chose a matching orange bag and this one from Boohoo is great, it's big enough to carry a camera, a drink and the essentials whilst not being too big that it'll be uncomfortable to carry in the day. To finish off the look I found these round black sunglasses, which I actually own myself and love so much, they really just finish off a look. 

Partying at a Full Moon Party in Thailand is something I've never done and a full moon party is something I've actually never heard of either. That being said, I believe that it's just an all-night beach party on a full moon (surprisingly!) so with that in mind I opted for a swimsuit in a really loud print because who wouldn't love a green leaf swimsuit?! I paired this with a pair of cream shorts with lace detailing on the front and then a pair of green Steve Madden sandal which for £35 are a bargain in my opinion.

I recently discovered Crown and Glory and saw that they had this cream coloured floral headband which went perfectly with the beach, exotic flower theme my look seems to have. Finally I chose a simple gold band cuff to tie in with the gold detailing from the sandals and also to keep most of the attention on the swimsuit. 

top | skirt | sandals | bag | rings 

For Clubbing in Ibiza the main piece that I'd choose would be a brightly coloured skirt because when on holiday, I love to wear bright colours that wouldn't usually be something I could wear in the UK normally. I chose this skater-style skirt from Boohoo because I love the aztec trend and the bold colours and also because it's £8; £8 for a skirt! I paired the skirt with a black fringed top and a black cross body bag. 

I personally don't wear heels and from what I've heard, heels are a no-no anyway in Ibiza, so I opted for a simple pair of black sandals and finished off the look with some silver band rings that are stackable so can create several different 'looks'. I can't quite believe this whole outfit came to less than £100, never mind £200. 

Well there we have it, my five looks for five different countries. I really enjoyed putting these together and hope they give you a few ideas of possible outfits! The five bloggers I nominate to do this challenge are: 

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