Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Lacquer

I'm slightly late with this one, but I've actually been trying out the new colour show nail lacquers from Maybelline for a good few weeks now; I just haven't gotten around to writing this post what with exams and that. But I'm now finished with university for four months (a long time) and so hopefully my posts will be much more frequent! 

I spotted these nail polishes in Boots and instantly loved that there was such a vast and beautiful colour range (30 shades in total!), I found it difficult to choose just these ones! That being said I opted for four very (or somewhat) different shades and I definitely have mixed opinions. The shades I picked up are Urban Coral, which is a beautiful orangey-coral colour, Superpower Blue, which is a medium toned sea blue, Downtown Red, which is a very dark cherry red and finally Chalk Dust, which is a clear polish with black and white chunks suspended in it. My favourite of the four has to be Downtown Red, it's a stunning colour on the nails and I could honestly wear it everyday if I had to. 

The reason why I have mixed reviews on these polishes is that although they all apply really nicely  with a fair sized brush and only take two coats to become opaque - one or two for the clear over another polish - they leave your nails with a slight stain afterwards, even with a base coat applied first. With the red and coral shades this wasn't too noticeable and the stains disappeared but the blue shade, whilst one of my favourites on the nail, was an absolute nightmare to remove and has left my nails blue even after scrubbing at them for a good half an hour! It makes me sad to say this because I loved the blue, it is so vibrant and I got a fair few compliments wearing it but I cannot keep spending that much time trying to remove it to only be left with stained nails. 

Other than that I really would recommend these polishes, however maybe opt for the lighter shades over the darker ones to avoid the staining problem. As for the speckle effect polish, I think this looks great over a lot of different colours and I'm very keen to try out the other, coloured versions of this. 

Maybelline Colour Show nail lacquers are available in Boots and Superdrug and cost £2.99 each, which I feel is a bargain for the quality that you are getting. 

Have you tried the new Maybelline nail polishes? What are your thoughts? 

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