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Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers | £44.79 - Amazon | Also available at Boots and Argos 

This past Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers after researching and lusting after them for such a long time. I've always wanted big, bouncy curls but have never been able to achieve that using a curling wand or straighteners (how people do that I'll never know!) and the thought of rollers always used to make me think of a perm?! When I received these at Christmas I was actually over the moon and I've used them pretty much every day since so I thought it was just about time to give you my thoughts on them. 

The rollers come is a beautiful blue/purple shiny box - it's exciting already(!) - and inside the box you get instructions on how to use the rollers, types of curls etc and then obviously the rollers themselves which come in two sizes; 10 large and 10 medium (or small in my opinion), each with clips to secure your hair in place. I worried at first that 20 rollers wouldn't be enough, but I would say I have pretty long hair and I'm often left with a few spares. 

The rollers take around 2 minutes to heat up and the LED on the front shows you when they are ready to use so no need to sit there with your stop watch! Once heated, each roller emits from its centre core as well as the metal plates found on each clip so your hair gets a well rounded amount of heat to keep the curls in place. At first it took me a while to get used to putting the rollers in myself. Its recommend that the larger size rollers are for volume and so I tend to use these around the roots of my hair and the smaller are for more defined curls so these I put in the lower sections of my hair. 

When putting the rollers in, although the velvet around them does help to hold the hair in place, I've found that starting from the middle of the strand and wrapping the ends round first, usually helps to make the process less tedious. I usually put them in my hair in the morning or around an hour before I'm due to leave and then once in, you can go about your routine; makeup, breakfast, cleaning(?!) anything really, they sit super comfortably on your head and sometimes I forget they are even there! The longer you leave them in the better your curls will be but I've found that even after 30 minutes my hair looks lovely, though I would recommend investing in a good hairspray - my personal favourite is the Loreal Elnett - as on damper or windier days I do find they drop quite a bit without. 

Wow that was a long review, if you got this far congratulations and I hope this was helpful. These are by far the best curling tool I've ever used and I doubt I'll ever stray from them. They are totally worth the money and they take next to no effort to achieve beautiful curls. 

Have you tried the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers? What are your thoughts? 

Emma xo
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  1. I've wanted these for aaages. I really need to bite the bullet and get some! x

    1. You really should, they are totally worth the money!


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