Sunday, 3 March 2013


Apologies for the major photo spam! Today myself and a friend went to Penshaw Monument which is a folly that was built as a replica of a temple in Athens, but in layman's terms, a temple-like build on a hill. To get to the monument itself you have to climb a huge hill; emphasis on the huge part it was a real killer of a climb, but the view at the top really is worth it, you could see for miles!

Once up at the top though there isn't actually anything to do other than admire the views and take photos, but luckily we found a country park nearby which was also huge and we ended up wandering round that for a good few hours. I climbed two rocks, stood by a river, woke up a swan (not on purpose!) and make friends with a sheep, good day I'd say.

Emma xo
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