Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Of course I had to include Carrie Underwood in my looks from the Grammys, she always looks impeccable and last nights look didn't disappoint. She wore a black and grey Roberto Cavalli gown with lace and embroidered detailing at the top, leading down to a sheer, mermaid-esque bottom equally embellished. 

Worn with a statement diamond necklace from Johnathon Arndt, red nails and a smokey eye, Carrie looked quite different from her other previous looks but all the more elegant in doing so. Also, I have to mention her performance last night which was great as expected but her dress was beautiful. 

The dress itself was metallic grey silk, full skirted and beaded at the top, but what really made it so different was during her performance itself, hundreds of butterflies were projected on and around her as well as various flowers, stars and light patterns that made it just that little bit more special - and the fact she sung two of my favourite songs but that's a whole different post! 

Emma xo

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