Thursday, 13 December 2012


coat: given to me, shirt jeans and necklace: topshop, boots: ebay, watch: michael kors, lips: rimmel kate moss 107, nails: barry m 'racing green' and 
saffron '07' glitter

Today was the first time I have ever worn a red lipstick and I actually quite liked it. I've never been daring enough to wear any bold colour but a few weeks ago I bought the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick that soooo many people have and today thought; yes I'm going to wear this. It actually looks a lot lighter in these photos, it's a very deep red shade, hopefully I'll get a post up on it soon so you can see the actual colour!

This outfit is one I rather like, and I finally managed to photograph my fur coat on, mission accomplished! I worn this military-esque khaki shirt, black jeans my beloved chelsea boots that now have glued together soles - sad times - and a gold and cream skull necklace which I love so much. I think this outfit is quite simple but the lips are quite bold so I thought it worked well. 

I'm off home tomorrow and am currently preparing myself for the lonely four hour drive - not looking forward to it at all! At least it means I'll be home and can help put up the Christmas decorations on Friday! 

Emma xo
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