Sunday, 14 October 2012


Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene

This weekend I came home from university for a few days and today took a trip to Manchester with the plan to head to Selfridges and have a look at the Louis Vuitton store there. I have actually been counting down to this day for a week now - exciting! Anyway, as you can probably tell, I did end up making a purchase and came away with this beautiful bag that I just love. 

I originally had my heart set on the Speedy 35 which has been my dream bag for such a long time but when I got to the store, they showed me that and then this one and I chose this one straight away, its funny how things work out. I definitely would say go in store if you're going to get a bag, or anything really, because they can look so different online to in real life. 

I went for the dark print because it isn't as in your face as the traditional tan colour and the red inside was a big selling point too! Another thing that made me choose this bag was the way it can change to two different shapes for a bigger or smaller look, it is a huge bag - which works well because of my height - but being able to take it in at the sides is such a plus for days when you don't want to carry as much. Ahhh I'm just too excited right now! Sadly this bag won't be coming back with me to university for a while, I'll have to wait until Christmas when I drive home to take it back there with me...

Emma xo
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  1. ohmygosh, it's beautiful!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  2. its beautiful, wow, id love a Louis Vuitton bag :D xo

    1. they really are beautiful bags...and it looks like it'd last a lifetime!

  3. Just came across your blog now! I absolutely LOVE Louis Vuitton and I am the proud owner of a Speedy 35 in the Monogram canvas print. I am actually planning on buying this exact bag. I don't know if they explained to you in the store (I've heard a lot of people say they don't) but this leather is actually treated leather and therefore won't change colour - it will always look the same. However, the leather on the Monogram is untreated and changes colour (Patinas) and is therefore much more temperamental than this Damier Ebene print :)

    Lovely bag and they're just gorgeous to look at aren't they! There's something amazing about a Louis. Can't wait to get my next bag!!


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