Wednesday, 12 September 2012


First of all, wow black is hard to photograph! I couldn't get a close-up shot of the collar on this shirt if my life depended on it, so you will all just have to use your imagination and visualise the studs...

I've been really loving studs at the moment - hasn't everyone - and when I saw these two shirts in Primark I knew I needed them in my life. The cream shirt is very much a Zara copy just with koalas instead of leopards/dogs/ etc etc. I did initially want one of those shirts but after seeing this for a fraction of the price I thought it will do just the same. The black shirt is just amazing, I saw this and just ran to it. I'll admit, the studs are very cheap looking up close (they are plastic), but from far away I think this shirt looks really nice and much more expensive than what it was. 

I finally got a leather jacket - well, a 'biker jacket' as it is called by the store. I have been looking for a jacket like this for ages but every time I see one, the sleeves are always too short or the fit is awful or something is wrong with it. This jacket however is exactly what I have been wanting; thank you Topshop. Not only does it fit perfectly, but it also feels really great quality and I love the fact it has a fur collar's all about the collars at the moment. The fur does detach which I like because fur doesn't exactly go with everything. 

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  1. I posted about this jacket yesterday too! I want it so much but at the moment it's just on my wish list, really quite jealous. Great buys xxx lizz


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