Saturday, 8 September 2012


Primark - £12

Pretty much everyone reading this will know the Zara bags I'm talking about; y'know the ones that everyone has or wants. Well, I too wanted one of those bags but unfortunately I couldn't justify the price, so when I spotted this gem in Primark last week, I had to snap it up!

Now obviously it's not the same and I know it's not going to be nearly as good quality and the 'real thing', but for a cheaper dupe/alternative, I think it will suffice. It's a bucket sort of shape with two top handles and a magnetic closure (I wish it had a zip!). It does also have a longer strap but I personally, think it looks a bit naff so I doubt I'll be using it - at least the option is there though...

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  1. Primark always has dupes! It's nice to have the cheaper option xo

  2. i'm trying to do the math... so this is probably around $20 -- bargain!!! :D i really wish we had primark here! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. in what area did you buy this bag ?


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