Thursday, 30 April 2015

Maxi Trench & Superstars

So I actually took these photos just a few hours before this post goes live, my blogger schedule seems to have gone out of the window this week and I've been so last minute with everything! Better late than never though I say. Also, in a turn of events, my hair is straight in these photos and those of you who regularly read my blog/see my outfit posts will probably have noticed that my hair is pretty much always curled or at least waved. I normally only ever wear my hair straight when I've just had it coloured due to 'Mr Root's' showing his ugly face after only a few weeks but I thought why not, I'll just embrace it and wear it straight for a while and I actually quite like it...

ASOS maxi trench, H&M tee and jeans, ADIDAS trainers, MICHAEL KORS watch

As for the outfit, this has pretty much been my standard go-to outfit since buying these trainers last month. not only do they literally go with everything, but they really work to dress down some outfits for casual days too. This one is overall quite casual as I've been really liking mixing it up and wearing mom-style jeans over my usual black skinny jeans, they seem to give a more relaxed vibe that I quite like. Also, this maxi trench needs to explanation, I've wore it a million times since buying it last month and it's quickly become one of my favourite pieces. I'm just sad that soon it may be slightly too warm to wear it, it is after all super long! 

Hopefully next week I'll get back in the groove of blogging and my posts will return to their usual scheduling. For now though, I leave you with this outfit and a whole host of other beauty and lifestyle-y posts this week...


  1. Love this outfit, sometimes the simple ones are the best xx

    1. Thanks for the comment, I love simple outfit days!


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