Saturday, 28 March 2015

I'm On SnapChat & Becoming An ASOS Addict?!

I used to watch YouTube videos religiously, keeping so up-to-date with my subscription box I often found myself waiting for a new video to pop up. Lately though i just haven't had time but this week I dedicated my evenings to catching up and I rediscovered three channels that I used to love so I thought I'd share them with you. Shirley B. Eniang does amazing fashion videos and I in particular loved her favourites this month and her recent lookbook. Great style and a real lovely watch! Alex of HRHCollection has great style and her jewellery line is absolutely stunning. It's her vlogs however, that I found myself drawn to, it's great seeing what people get up to daily! Lauren Curtis is one of the first beauty YouTubers I ever watched and her makeup is always flawless. Her first impressions videos are what really interested me this week though, she gives real honest first thoughts.

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping recently, in particularly on ASOS - I swear the delivery man is going to think I have shares in that company! I've just found so many nice pieces on their both by ASOS and other brands they stock so a haul video will be coming in a few weeks. I just wanted to give a special mention to this long military-style duster jacket which is just divine. I think I've found my new spring jacket, it's lightweight, good quality and of course, khaki and there's currently 20% student discount on ASOS, so run!

Nip + Fab has quickly become my favourite skincare brand this week. I bought this Dragon's Blood Fix Serum first after seeing Kylie Jenner uses it - lame I know - and I actually really love it. I then bought a couple more bits but these will all be in a drugstore haul coming next week! 

Oh SnapChat, an app I've always had on my phone but have never used. I actually didn't really know how to use it and I'd always see people saying 'follow me at' but I never actually knew where to go to follow someone, duh! This week I got a crash course from a friend in how to use this snap app and now I've gone slightly snap happy - let's just say chocolate milkshakes and pretty little liars are involved!

During the week I tend to catch up on my American shows online and rarely watch 'regular' shows but on a weekend, I usually sit down to watch the standard Saturday night TV and the new ITV show You're Back In The Room has to be one of the most hilarious shows I've watched in a long time. I'm not really a comedy lover but this is funny without your standard one liners. It's basically a group of contestants who are playing simple games to win a big cash prize but they are all hypnotised while doing so. Just give it a watch if you can, it's crazy!

So I hope you all have a great weekend filled with relaxation and good times. My schedule went slightly mixed this week due to my home Internet not physically being able to upload my video for three days, hence the Friday upload! Next week hopefully should be back to normal. 

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