Friday, 23 January 2015

The Best Of: Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is such an iconic brand, the packaging and signature sweet and fruity scents are unmistakable, it's the packaging that even sometimes draws me to buying their products over anything else. I'd like to say I've tried well over 50% of the S&G body range and so I have a pretty good idea which I like and which I wont be repurchasing again so I thought I'd do a little line-up of four of my favourites, even though I could have included at least four more in this! 

Orangeasm Body Wash | This is the newest addition to my S&G collection and probably one of my favourites. The smell lingers on the skin even the day after using it and the orange, zesty scent is like nothing else I've tried before. I usually use this in the shower as a 'shower gel' product and it leaves my whole body feeling moisturised, so much so that sometimes I don't feel the need to have to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Sugar Crush Body Wash | It seems there's a common theme among my choices of body wash in the sense that I seem to go for fruity scents, rather than scrubs whre I lean more towards sweet. It's also a rather odd thing to include two body washes but I do like to switch it up and I usually rotate between both of these now rather than choosing another brand. This is the exact same sort of thing as Orangeasm in the sense that it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Butter Yourself Body Cream | This is a very standard body butter that smells good and does exactly what it says on the tub. I try to use this everyday and find that espoecially after showers it leaves my skin feel soft, smooth and not greasy like I find with some other, thicker body butters. The scent of this smells exactly like Hand Food (which I've run out of so couldn't include), a rich

Breakfast Scrub | If there was an award for best smelling body product ever, I would definitely award it to the Breakfast Scrub. If you love sweet scents then this one is definitely for you, it smells exactly like honey, oats and syrup which for me is my ideal. Also, S&G blow most other brands of of the water with their exfoliators, they buff away dead skin easily and least your skin feeling moisturised rather than dry and flaky like some other scrub formulas.

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?


  1. I love Soap & Glory - everything sounds so good. I love the Scrub Actually.

    Jennifer Jayne

    1. Me too, I'd definitly reccomend trhying out some of these ones!


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