Friday, 12 September 2014

The Eyeliner for Eyeliner Novices

I found myself perusing the MAC counter a few weeks ago, which is something I find very daunting to say the least. There's just so many products, finishes, shades, the list goes on... I did however, go in with one product on my mind, the cult favourite Eye Kohl in Teddy and now it's a part of my collection, I'm never letting it go!

Let me just put out a little disclaimer here regarding eyeliner. My knowledge is rather limited, some may say I'm practically an eyeliner newbie and so with that in mind and my lack of many products to compare this to, I would still have to say that Teddy is unlike any other. Let's start with the colour. It's a warm chocolate shade that has some rusty, red undertones to it that I've found really bring out my hazel eyes and it also works well to warm up my complexion slightly, which I've found black eyeliner does the opposite. It's basically less harsh than black but not at all your standard brown.

So how do I apply this liner? Well as mentioned previously, I'm not really a dab hand in this department so I've only managed to 'master' lash line application at the moment. What I like to do is apply a couple of strokes to the outer corners of my eye (top and bottom) and then blend it out with either my finger, or if I'm feel super swish I'll use a small soft brush. Then once that's done I apply my favourite mascara of the moment (post to come soon!) and I'm good to go. This eyeliner doesn't budge once set and lasts all day long. It's great as a simple eye look, or as a base for a bronzed eyeshadow. I think I've found the perfect eyeliner for eyeliner novices like myself. Who knows, maybe this will even spur me on to try liquid liners more!

Are you an eyeliner wearer? Which is your go-to liner?

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