Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Fragrance Line-up

I like to think that I have a very specific taste when it comes to perfumes. My mum tells me that they all have the same scent but for me, I like what I like, despite some being similar to others. I would say my ideal fragrance would be a mix of musky, floral and often quite strong. I do have quite an extensive collection, I'm talking over 25 perfumes in total, but of those, I do tend to reach for a select few each day in rotation. I've somehow managed to narrow it down to five. FIVE. That's quite impressive if I do say so myself, but these five all offer something different, while still being quite similar. Here's my current fragrance line-up...

Daisy Eau So Fresh, Marc Jacobs - Let's start with the lightest and probably most summer-appropriate scent I own. If you have ever tried (and enjoyed) parma violets before then this will be right up your street. This is deliciousness in a bottle from the outside to the inside, it screams spring/summer, despite it being very wearable in the autumn/winter months too. This is a real pick-me-up, floral fragrance.

Bombshell, Victoria's Secret - This is a mixed bag of fruity and floral notes, so it's a very fun, everyday scent. I often reach for this one when I'm not sure what scent to wear as it's not too overpowering and is a very easy-to-wear scent. I find that this isn't the most long-lasting of the fragrances I own unfortunately, but it does stick around for a good few hours so it makes the cut.

Kim Kardashian - love this one. It's one of the strongest perfumes I own and has a bit of everything in it. Floral, fruity, vanilla and musk - it sounds like a real overload of notes but for some reason it just works. I don't think this one is going to be to everyones taste but this is definitely one the the five that I reach for most often. Well done Kim K, well done indeed.

Stella, Stella McCartney - This is the scent I reach for if I want to feel sophisticated without wearing a super overpowering scent. Stella is definitely a fresh floral scent than does have hints of amber that add those darker, more sultry aspects. This is a perfume that I coveted for so long and nope that I own it I'll never look back. It's a firm staple that's great for day and night.

Boyfriend - I'll admit, with this one I bought it solely because one of my favourite actresses, Kate Walsh, made it - plus points if you know who she is! I wanted it so badly that I got a friend to ship it over to me from the US (it's not readily available in the UK) and luckily I wasn't disappointed at all when I first smelt it. It's unlike anything I've ever smelt before with woody notes throughout and a slight floral scent coming through. This one I find really difficult to describe as it is so unusual, just give it a sniff if you ever get the chance!

Now I could probably have included a few more fragrances in this line-up but I think five is a nice number so let's leave it at that. I'd love to hear which fragrances would make the cut with you...

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  1. Great post, I love Stella McCartney perfumes :)

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