Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Weekend Post #1: Top 5 Online Beauty Reads

As well as writing a fashion and beauty themed blog, up there on my top things to do, especially at the weekend, is reading other beauty blogs. It comes pretty high up on my list of things to do, alongside eating, sleeping and catching up on my latest TV love (currently it's The 100). I could spend hours trawling through my Bloglovin' feed reading all my favourites and so I thought why not share 5 of my favourite beauty reads for you to enjoy also. Grab a cup of tea, set aside a few hours of your Sunday and get reading...

Vivianna Does Makeup | You probably all already read Anna's blog so it takes no introductions. Every time I see a new post of hers appear in my feed I instantly drop everything and prepare myself for a good ol' read. Not only is Anna well versed in everything base related, I can also relate to her self-proclaimed 'noob' attitude when it comes to eyeliner; I've definitely learnt a lot. 

Nouvelle Daily | Nouvelle is an online magazine/blog that every beauty lover should read. And then read some more. The photography is what really stands out for me here too, besides the content of course. 

She's In The Glow | This is a really recent find for me but one that I've been reading non-stop since discovering it. They can tell you what's what in the world of hair, beauty and even teeth whitening, as well as the products you actually need backstage; it's a great read! 

Refinery 29 | Whatever beauty-related topic you want to read about, it's almost guaranteed that it'll be on this site. Think Daily Mail-style but minus the constant spew of Kardashian mishaps and Coronation Street stars. It's a more refined (pun totally intended) version and one that I find myself constantly heading to in times of beauty need! 

Temptalia | The name is very apt for this one, you will want to go and and buy everything. If you want to see reviews and swatches on the newest and best products on the market then this is definitely the site to go to. It's great for researching new releases to solves that ever burring question: "Do I really need this?" The answer will always be yes. 

...and there goes the remainder of your Sunday afternoon. I did warn you that a cup of tea may be needed! Check back next week for my favourite fashion blogs. It'll be a good'n! 

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