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Caudalie Beauty Elixir x L'Wren Scott Limited Edition* - £32 (100ml) here

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is something that I was actually given at the end of my internship with Fabulous and I can't even explain to you my excitement when I saw it among the other amazing things they gave me. At first I thought it was something completely different, what with it not being in the standard packaging, but when I realised it was because it's the limited edition L'Wren Scott version I was even more excited! 

I have wanted to try this for some time now but the price tag was always a huge thing for me as it's a lot for what is essentially water. The idea of the beauty elixir is that it is water but mixed with lots of other ingredients that work to refresh both your face and your makeup. I have tried MAC's Fix+ Spray which is a similar concept and although I felt the refreshing feeling, I don't really think it has any benefits for my skin at all and so enter this elixir. This is one of the most hyped up products around so I definitely had high hopes. 

The spray claims to smooth features, tighten pores and give your complexion a 'burst of radiance', containing ingredients such as organic mint and rosemary. While I'm on the subject of ingredients, the mint scent is probably the most prominent and I personally found it super refreshing although slightly overpowering at times. It was a much stronger scent than I had expected and one that put me off slightly at first. If you aren't a fan of mint scents then this may be a none starter from the get-go. Scent aside, this can be sprayed onto the face before moisturising as almost a toner, as a makeup set and/or throughout the day to refresh your look. It is quite pleasant to spray onto your face and I found the refreshing element to be great, though I tend to just apply it in the morning before I go out, rather than throughout the day; the glass packaging isn't really travel friendly! I do like how it disperses evenly on the skin and is more of a light mist than a full blown spray that can often leave your face looking and feeling wet and greasy. Bonus points for this! 

Probably the most important question of all though: does it actually do anything for your skin? My answer to that is, no, not at all. It's great as a refresh and having used it now for well over a week, I can honestly say I've seen no difference to my complexion at all. It's great to refresh your makeup, and it does leave your skin looking slightly more 'glowy' but that's it. I feel with the price and the super hyped up nature of this product, it should actually do what it claims. Maybe it just doesn't work for me or maybe it really is just an overly hyped product. I was left slightly disappointed although I will continue to use it as a daily refreshing spray, that it is good for! 

Have you tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir? What were your thoughts? 
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