Monday, 4 March 2013


I was searching through Topshop's website last night when I came across a beautiful leather jacket with floral print all over. My initial thought was that the jacket, although a statement, would be really difficult to style because of it having such a bold print. Cue this 'how to style' post happening; these are just ways I think this jacket would look good styled and ways I myself would style it. 

Look 1

This first look includes pieces all from Topshop, though you could definitely find alternatives to all of these elsewhere. I thought I'd go very simple with this outfit and keep it pretty much all black because the jacket itself has a lot of colour in it to begin with. I chose a pair of high-waisted Joni jeans and thought these would look great with a black sheer shirt tucked in, buttoned all the way up with a collar necklace. I love the simplicity of this outfit and also the fact that it's all black is a plus for me!

Look 2

This second look is a lot more feminine than the first, with a skirt and ballet pump combination that tones down the biker jacket style - I personally would wear tights as well. I paired the skirt with a white collared shirt to move away from an all black look and also because it's such a strong contrast to the jacket. Worn under the collar of the shirt I'd wear this two necklace combination from Asos which brings in the pink colour from the flowers on the jacket to another part of the look. 

Look 3
JacketDress | Jumper | Boots | Hat |

The third and final look is almost a mix between the previous two in the sense that it's both feminine and 'edgy' at the same time. I chose a dress for this look but paired it with a jumper which gives you two possible options depending on the weather etc. For shoes I chose these studded boots from Topshop, which I own and love, and then to finish off I thought a neon hat would work great in either green or pink to match the floral details of the jacket. 

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