Wednesday, 14 November 2012


For once I am actually lost for words. Last night Elle Fanning was one of the many stars to walk the Breaking Dawn (part 2) red carpet wearing one of the most talked about looks of the night. Elle wore a pale pink, satin dress from the Prada Spring 2013 collection which, although a tad unshapely and unflattering, is not the reason her look got so much attention. 

The shoes. Who knew Prada could actually create a shoe that make you look like you have huge bricks attached to your feet. The platform alone is bad but then the hollowed middle covered in cerise pink satin and then silver and nude straps; disaster. Now I do get that she is only 14 and wants to keep her looks fun, but even so, these shoes are hideous and without them, the dress could have just been okay, but with them she honestly looks like she's heading to the beach or something. 

Do you like Elle Fanning's look? What do you think her Prada platforms?

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